The Ups Store

10940 Parallel Pkwy Ste K
Kansas City, Kansas 66109
(913) 299-3200

This is a notary public listing for The Ups Store. The Ups Store is located in Kansas City, KS and is an approved certified notary according to the state of Kansas. View any details regarding The Ups Store including contact info, mobile availability, notary services, and more. Get your important documents notarized by a certified Kansas notary in your area.

A notary public's duties can vary by state. Notaries general service includes screening signers of any important documents with the true identities of both parties and their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction that is taking place. Below are bascially some of the official acts that most notaries are able to notarize.

  • A Loan Modification
  • Signature or Name Affidavit
  • Deed of Trust or Mortgage
  • Power of Attorney (Limited or Durable)
  • Vehicle VIN Verification and Transfer of Title
  • Last Will and Testament or Living Will
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Services the zip code area of 66109.

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