How to Become a Notary in Florida

A notary is a public officer commissioned to oversee authoritative responsibilities. Some of such duties may include but are not limited to are; administering others and affirmations, solemnizing marriages, certifying the contents of a safe deposit box and verifying vehicle identification numbers(VINs). To qualify to be a Florida notary, one must meet a measure of requirements. If you are looking for a way of qualifying as a notary, here is a straightforward step-by-step procedure to become one.

Take an interactive training beforehand

First and foremost, take a notary course of no less than three hours within a year before application. You can take an interactive class that intends to nurture the required skills. You don't have to worry about where to start. The department of State's Notary Education Program offers the training online. You are not limited to the department, though. Consider checking through a web search for other approved education providers for the course.

Contact a bonding agency

Contact a legit and recognized bonding agency that is allowed to operate in Florida. The agency provides an all-inclusive service for all your needs. You'll be required to pay state fees of $39, have a written notary bond and get your seal at a premium price. The agency usually provides the final assurance to obtain a commission. There is a list of bonding agencies operating in Florida that you can get. Competitive pricing means choosing a more suitable and pocket-friendly agency.

It's time to complete your application

Once you have obtained all relevant details and information from the bonding agency, you can fill out your application form. Please note that if any required data or information is missing, return your application to the agency for completion. On the other hand, if convicted of a felony, you are under probation or have adjudication withheld in the past, all is not lost. You are required to provide the following documents to proceed to the next step; Present a written letter explaining the crime you committed. Present a copy of the trial. Lastly, if you've been convicted, then you must present evidence of it. You shouldn't be worried about each document's names as it depends on the state from which you were convicted.

Submit your application through the bonding agency

Depending on the bonding agency you applied through, you should submit your complicated application there. The agency will take it from there. At such a point, expect two possible outcomes; approved or denied application.

If your application is accepted, you will receive a commission certificate and a notary seal from the agency. Kindly counter-check the information to ensure that it's as accurate as possible. You can then proceed to the newly bestrewed responsibilities. Additionally, if you hold an old seal, then take the initiative of destroying it to avoid its misuse.

Should your application be denied, then it's not possible for a review. However, you still have a chance to re-submit your application a year after your previous one. Provide substantial materials and a letter of recommendation to justify your fitness for the application.

Bottom line

Notary application in Florida gives you a chance to serve the public. To make it to the list, take the training, contact a bonding agency, and complete your application. Finally, submit your application and wait for the final response from the State. No matter the outcome, don't quit; re-apply as often as possible until you get a chance.